Depression is a lasting feeling of unease and low mood.  When it is severe it can seriously interfere with people’s quality of life and their relationships and is rather different to having the odd down day.

Some people feel depressed because of the ways they have learned to think and behave, while other people face periods of depression and low mood because of a traumatic event such as a difficult bereavement, or a traumatic childbirth.  Too many people who live with and experience depression feel that they need to ‘put up with’ their feelings of low mood and/or ‘get through it’ without asking for help, prolonging their suffering and isolation.  Ellen is aware of the courage it takes to ask for and accept help from a therapist and is the first person to congratulate her clients when they decide that ‘enough is enough’ and start to explore their experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Ellen is very experienced of working with depression (including severe forms such as bi-polar disorder) and has helped many people reduce and overcome their depressive feelings and negative thoughts.  Ellen aims to address the issues that underlie people’s depression, aspiring to facilitate lasting therapeutic change in her clients.