‘Identity problems’ include the struggles many individual face when being and/or perceiving themselves as different to others (i.e due to one’s sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, disability, personality etc.).

Aging affects all of us and can cause particular challenges for people towards the middle and/or end of life.  We have all heard of the ‘midlife crises’ and the ’empty nest syndrome’ and these are just some of the age related adjustment problems that people can face when they and/or their lives and relationships are changing.  Retirement poses yet another challenge and an opportunity to take stock and consider what one wants to do with the next phase of life and living.  Adjusting to life’s changes and stages can be challenging and cause anxieties, frustrations and sometimes complex feelings of regret that can be explored and addressed in talking therapies with positive effects on people’s feelings.

Ellen has worked with many individuals on identity, ageing and adjustment problems and has a special interest in working with people’s identity challenges.  Ellen has engaged in extensive research on sexuality, relationships and aging (at undergraduate and postgraduate level) and now enjoys her clinical work with people who ask themselves some of these fundamental questions in order to enhance their quality of life.